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No matter if you are looking for new or used equipment, our trucks are put together to suit your needs and intended use. Over 20 years experience in the business : Availability, readiness to listen, flexibility and efficiency.

You can depend on Eric Gervais and his team.

Use a boomtruck for :

  • house foundation casing

  • commercial building casing

  • liquid manure tank casing

  • silo transportation and installation

  • carrying and handling lumber

  • carrying and handling of bricks

  • any other tasks involving the transportation and handling of heavy loads

Save on :

  • wages

  • job time and your health


Sales of new trucks and equipments

New cranes are mounted on the brand of trucks your prefer. We offer them all at competitive prices. We can also help with the financing of the entire package (chasis, trailers, boom and accessories). A profitable investment that can last 25 years and more!

Used trucks
Your boom is still serviceable? We can give it a complete overhaul and install it on a more recent truck. Trades are possible, and we repair used trucks and equipments.



Fabrication of cages for all types of           casing
Fabrication of trailers to carry extra           cages




We have in stock a wide range of parts for all kind of cranes.
Our parts department is bilingual



Fast delivery, current models always in stock

U.S. Customer: 
Make the exchange rate work in your favor!

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